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       Turning Houses Into Homes

The vision of Urban Apple came from my personal background. Growing up in a small rural town I experienced the personal service and sense of community that is seen far too often only in towns off the beaten path. However, as an adult, I have come to love all the resources and benefits of the urban environment. I am immensely proud to call Chicago my home for over the last 16 years. This City has so much to offer and I am soaking in all the resources and benefits on a daily basis.  

After working in property management for a number of years, the need for a professional urban property management company that could provide quality and competent one on one client contact and service was evident. From this dichotomy the concept of Urban Apple was born. 

We are a full service real estate  firm. Our senior executive team has over 28 years of combined experience and are licensed and credentialed in the industry. While we specialize in condo association management, at Urban Apple we help our clients with a variety of real estate needs from brokerage and marketing to interior design and contracting.


Machelle Palmer Theis

 Urban Apple Realty


Founded in 2014, Urban Apple serves the Chicago area in Property Management and Brokerage as well as Interior Design and Contracting Services through an Urban Apple Subsidiary (UA Home).

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